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Dec 10, 2013 2:00am PST
, of course you know, the free south african movement in which president obama spoke of being a part of as a young student was very much a part of the ultimate number of things that brought a man to apartheid in south africa. i was u here in '85, and as you said, it was a gruesome, gruesome period, and i went to a hilltop so that i could overlook the prison where they said nelson mandela had a garden that he used to tend, and i was so hoping, if i couldn't see him, i could see the garden, but, of course, i was followed by state security people an d had to leae in a hurry. >> well, there you are. pictures of you, the young woman, sitting down with nelson mandela. >> that was at the council on foreign relations when he made his first visit to new york. >> we're going to listen in here. this is cyril ramaposa number two man in the anc, has gone on to be a successful businessman here in south africa. so we'll join the program and jump in here to describe events as we. -- as we find out they ae happening. >> -- succeed if we reach out to each other. this is the man that we have come to say f
Dec 6, 2013 2:00am PST
visit in south africa by first lady michelle obama who brought along first daughters malia and sasha. admired around the world and revered at home, nelson mandela's south africa embraced a multiracial future and re-entered the family of nations. he leaves a legacy of freedom and proof that one life can make a difference. >> we are one country, we are one people. >> reporter: brian williams, nbc news, new york. >>> we'll have much more on mandela's death in just a moment, but first, a massive winter storm is blasting its way across much of the country. in oklahoma, a number of accidents have been reported due to the recent snow accumulation. temperatures in missouri hit so low that roads became sheets of ice leaving drivers sliding all over the place. now for a look at the national forecast, bill karins is here with more. good morning, bill. >> a lot of school delays today, cancellations, power outages, people may go for a week or so in arkansas and tennessee without power. one of those ice storms, the setup is perfect. the arctic air yesterday and now the rain over the top of it and
Dec 9, 2013 2:00am PST
. >>> president obama and other world leaders make their way to south africa. >>> plus, more dead pilot whales in florida. >>> the man who snoozed and got trapped on a plane. >>> and miley cyrus does the unthinkable to santa. very good morning to you. i'm veronica de la cruz. we begin with that massive weather system that's moving fast and wreaking havoc along the way. late sunday a 50-car pileup turned deadly. we have more on the deep freeze. >> reporter: snow and ice bearing down in the northeast. part of a massive system affecting half the country. that same system sunday in wisconsin caused a deadly pileup in whiteout conditions and shut down the interstate. >> to the best of my knowledge there is probably in excess of seven semis and 30 plus vehicles. >> it was bad. like you could barely see the road. >> reporter: ice made driving nearly impossible in parts of kentucky. >> i could deal with snow all day long but when it comes to freezing rain i can't touch it. >> reporter: cancellations and delays of more than 3,000 flights. 500 in dallas along. snow and iso heavy it caused this roof to coll
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3